Benedict Haid Farms: The Ideal Farmhouse Venue

For two years I have been on the hunt. My eyes are constantly scanning for two things: a beautiful field and wildflowers. Living in the Charleston, West Virginia area is a wonderful thing, but I must say the hills really put a strain on my perfect field. All I am asking for is a wide, open space with tall grass waving in the wind for my clients to run through. Is that too much to ask for? It seems simple enough when I scroll through Pinterest, but my reality hasn’t quite lived up to my daydream. That is until I came across Benedict Haid Farms.

I had the opportunity to create a collection of images for Benedict Haid Farms. After speaking to the owner, Bill Pepper, I learned that the farm has been around since 1869, the cabins have been featured on the T.V. show “Barnyard Builders”, and it is one of the first wedding venues in the Charleston, West Virginia area. They take fantastic care of their facilities, and provide the perfect location for brides who are looking for a romantic, secluded spot with breath taking views.

On the evening of the photo shoot, my jaw dropped as my car drove along the winding gravel road. I passed multiple spaces that would be perfect for the photo shoot of any brides dreams. It had wildflowers, endless meadows, and a scenic overlook. My mind thought of carefree laughing shots, twirling in flowing dresses, and the perfect “running through the grass” picture. There was so much inspiration to take in at this beautiful location. I can’t wait to create some images here!


Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0085.jpg

This is the newest cabin located right on top of the mountain range and is placed in the perfect spot to take in all the beautiful sunsets. You feel secluded and private, but Charleston is only 25 minutes away. This would be a great spot to stay after celebrating with your friends and family on your wedding day.

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0086.jpg

Can you imagine how beautiful your wedding day photos would turn out here?! It gets me so excited every time I talk about it. This is an ideal spot for a boho inspired bride. Imagine a long lace dress with a flowing train, and a simple flower crown made out of baby’s breathe. It would be STUNNING.

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0084.jpg
Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0087.jpg

Last but not least they have a third housing option with a backyard that is swoon worthy. When I reached the back of this house, my eyes couldn’t believe what I stumbled across. It was a beautiful handcrafted platform with romantic ivy growing all around it. It would be the sweetest spot to say “ I do.” at. It was also nice to know that one venue could have a variety of different looks available. This spot could be ideal for a classic bride. Imagine white roses, magnolia flowers, and rows of white seats with petals laying on the aisle. It would be so elegant.

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0088.jpg

If you are a bride in the Charleston, West Virginia area this would be a wonderful spot to check out. The staff is so friendly and easy to work with, plus the location can be dressed up or down depending on your style. I plan on taking some couples here shortly for their engagement session so keep an eye out for that!

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