HALE STREET CENTER: A Modern Venue in the Charming Streets of Charleston, WV

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the event coordinator, Kristen Kelley, at Hale Street Center located in the heart of downtown Charleston, WV. First of all, Kristen was an absolutely amazing hostess, and she gave me the grand tour of their chic wedding venue. While she told me about their customer experience I couldn’t help but feel so excited to have met someone else who is as passionate about their clients wedding day as I am. She was so helpful that day, and I could only imagine how smoothly she has her weddings running for her brides and grooms.

I am ALL about the client experience at my studio, and I love learning how I can take the best care of my future brides to be. Kristen mentioned how hands on Hale Street Center is, and stated all of the things they provide to ensure every wedding is running smoothly, like the catering, florals, rentals for furniture, linens, and table decor. The only thing a couple has to think about is what type of cake they would like to have, and Hale Street will take care of the rest! They can house up to 150 guests with their 3 floors that can transition seamlessly between the ceremony and reception. This venue is the perfect spot for any bride who wants their wedding planning to be more of an experience than a hassle. With all of the options, plans, and help that Kristen and her team offer, any bride would feel instant relief during the stressful process of putting a wedding together. So my suggestion to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed would be to go setup a meeting with Kristen, and start enjoying this time of your life instead of stressing!

It is so crucial to work with people that are dedicated to creating their clients vision, and Kristen mentioned a new service that they will be offering shortly called The White Glove Experience. This will be as luxurious as it sounds! It is designed to meet every want and need of couples who are looking to be pampered throughout their wedding. Anything and everything that you could think of will be taken care of to meet the high expectations for their soon to be newlyweds. Keep an eye out for their announcement, and start dreaming of what your wedding day could become. This will be the ultimate service for those couples that are looking for something a little more luxurious and thought out.

Let’s get into the photos of this venue. It is located in Charleston, West Virginia so that means it would be perfect for a more chic, urban or modern wedding. They place a big emphasis on the different textures throughout their facility which gives you so many options for different looks you can achieve! (With the help of Kristen of course!) Speaking as the photographer, I really loved the thought of having so many different locations to shoot at. You could incorporate the charming streets we have, and within 10 minutes you could be at the capitol! The photo options are endless here!

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0107.jpg

“The end goal is to marry the love of your life. . . “

— Kristen Kelley Event Coordinator
Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0102.jpg

This is the first floor where most wedding ceremonies are held. It has the coolest atmosphere and provides a perfect blank canvas that can be dressed up or down depending on what the brides vision is. I’m a big fan of the white chairs, simple green florals, and of course the romantic candles they have set up!

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0105.jpg

They have thought of everything here! It is complete with a full bridal suite where she and her bridesmaids can get ready. They made sure to incorporate as much natural light as they could which speaking as a photographer really helps us out. If the bridal party chooses not to see each other before the ceremony, they also have separate entrances and exits to keep the bride & groom from seeing each other before they say “I do.” Hale Street Center thought out all of the details!

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0104.jpg


When choosing an area for the bride to get ready try to find a room with a big window or as much natural light possible. This will help create timeless images with a bright, airy, and totally “BRIDAL” look. Which is what this photographer is ALL ABOUT.

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0103.jpg

Of course they didn’t leave the groom out! He and his buddies can get ready in a separate suite with all the amenities they could need. This room comes with a great view of the city and rugged atmosphere that will make any guy feel at ease on his big day.

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0106.jpg

Lastly, this is where the transformation happens! Guests are typically escorted to this space where they can enjoy their delicious catered meal while the crew at Hale Street transforms the ceremony space into a dance floor. Plus they have all the twinkle lights you could ever dream of. . . what more could you want?!

Hale Street Center provides high quality client services, attention to detail, and a creative space to create whatever you have dreamed up in your mind. If you are looking for a romantic, modern space for your wedding day then Hale Street Center may just be the perfect spot for you. I am so happy to have met Kristen and her team, and thankful for the opportunity to show off yet another amazing, locally owned, wedding venue here in good ole’ West Virginia!

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