Family, Fields, and Fun

This past weekend, I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful, growing family that is very near and dear to my heart. There are several life-changing events happening in their lives, and they wanted to celebrate each milestone with beautiful images. They have a baby boy coming into their lives soon, and another one is celebrating his birthday! We tried to cover all the bases in this session, and include beautiful family portraits that they can hang on their walls for a lifetime to come.

The first step in setting up this session was deciding between formal family portraits in my studio, or casual family portraits outdoors. This couple decided capturing their family outside would be best. They wanted a relaxed, lazy day vibe that allowed their young child freedom to play and their golden retriever room to explore. I am so happy they took advantage of this location, and brought their furriest family member along for portraits too!

2019_June_Shafer_Family Blog 1.jpg
Emily Shafer Photography_Families_WV Fields (17 of 24).jpg

Now onto the special events happening in their lives! I wanted to make sure she had some images of herself with baby number two on the way. She looked so beautiful in this white summery dress. It was perfect for this location.

2019_June_Shafers_Family Blog 1.jpg

Lastly, they brought the most fun prop I have ever used! I LOVE it when people bring props that are special to them. ALL the props are welcome at any photo shoot of mine tractors, hats, and everything in between. It can really be helpful at family sessions with little ones, and it really adds a nice personalization to the end product.


I truly love to capture the special bond between a family. There are so many exciting things happening in everyones lives, and it is important to create images that express that. Scheduling your family a photo shoot can be something you continue to put off, or you say you’ll do it next year. But, with how quickly life moves it is important to capture each stage of life your family is in. Book your session this summer, and enjoy beautiful images of the people you love for years to come. So what better way to spend your day than with family, fields, and a just a little bit of fun?

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