Recently, you may have noticed a new type of session that I have been offering called Personal Branding. If you’re like most people, you have probably been wondering what exactly that means, and why do you need it? Today, I want to break down my “photography lingo,” and explain why booking this type of session can benefit you and your small business.

Personal Branding is a new term that really boils down to mean a modern headshot. In previous years, headshot’s most commonly have been quick setups designed to meet mass production for large companies. They provide two- three different angles, one outfit, one backdrop, and a cohesive look for large groups of people. The best example of this would be your school pictures where time is short, attention to detail is lost, and your personality only comes through by what you chose to wear that day. That’s why we all stressed about school pictures! We only had one chance to get the perfect photo, and if we didn’t it would haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Flash forward to present day and the beauty of Personal Branding! It tears down the preconceived notion that your headshot has to be basic, routine, unoriginal, and allows the opportunity to show your personality and what you have to offer. Instead of a quick 1,2,3, picture you’ll have proper posing guidance, the ability to change looks, and even a location change. What makes this session different is you. Time and consideration goes into your consultation so you will receive a collection of images you love but can also use.

So who needs this?

Anyone who wants to have professional images of themselves! It can also be a fantastic package for entrepreneurs. We live in an age where social media and online presence, whether we like it or not, can play a huge role in any small business, and websites are now one of the first points of contact for your clients. That’s where your images make a huge impact and create your online presence. By booking a Personal Branding Session for your business I can help you create beautiful photos to share throughout the weeks to come, and you can stop having to constantly worry about creating that content. Maybe you just started your business and need help with photos for your website, or you offer personalized services and need to have a presence online, whatever the need Personal Branding can offer relief.

Overall Personal Branding is a great way to capture your personality and present it in a professional way. I love helping people achieve the photos they truly desire. So now that you know Personal Branding is being offered in Charleston, WV what’s keeping you from booking your very own customized session?

I hope this helped you understand a little bit more about Personal Branding, and if you want to see more examples hit the button below. I am looking forward to working with you!

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