For several years, I have found myself in some of the most beautiful places in America. With each setting comes a unique landscape all its own, and each landscape is paired with an equally spectacular sunset. As a photographer I find so much joy in capturing these stunning moments, but there is always something missing, people. That’s always been a problem until a few days ago. . .

There I was, a West Virginian photographer, stumbling around somewhere in Arizona. I looked up at the sky, and my eyes saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING EVER. I mean it was spectacular, truly. My heart leaped with excitement as I started clicking the shutter. As I kept shooting, I couldn’t help but think, “Dang I need some people in this shot.” I could see it all in my head where I would place them and how the gorgeous light would fall on them. “Bummer,” I thought to myself.

So there I was, watching another sunset fade in a dream location hoping that some person would drop out of the sky, and want to be photographed. As I turned around, I saw the most wonderful thing happening EVER. This sweet couple getting their picture taken with an iPhone. Dreams do come true people!

Next thing I knew, we were laughing, shooting, and having a great time together! They were feeling adventurous, and wandered out into the field with me. I am so appreciative of their attitude, and willingness to let me photograph them that evening. They made such a nice couple, and I enjoyed capturing them interact with one another. It’s always a wonderful treat to meet such nice people while traveling.

2019_September_Travis and Danielle_Sedona-7.jpg
2019_September_Travis and Danielle_Sedona-7.jpg
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