Last week, I had the honor of photographing a beautiful, sweet couple, Josh and Mallory. Like all brides, she came to me wanting to photos that captured this special, joyous time in their lives, and expressed how important photography was to her. I was elated to hear this, and inspired to create images that will last her and her soon to be husband a lifetime.

At her consultation we decided to do at two looks, so we agreed on a studio engagement session and an outdoor location. This would allow her to have both formal, clean backdrops in-doors, and the casual, effortless look outside. On the day of their session, they were fully prepared for what the next 3 hours would be. Josh came in carrying the bags of clothing options with a big smile on his face, and Mallory stole the show in a beautiful, flowing dress. They both looked phenomenal! They were such a joy to photograph, and the love and appreciation they have for one another really showed in the photos.

2019_July_Mallory and Josh_engagement -5516-Edit.jpg
mal and j 2.jpg

Engagement sessions are so much fun to be a part of. Celebrating happy moments with people, and capturing their emotions of love and joy is truly an uplifting experience as a photographer. I love participating in these momentous times. When wonderful things happen in life we all want to cling to those memories as long as we can. We try to collect them in our hearts, so our minds can recall them when we need them the most, and if we could store those moments in boxes to keep them safe and re-live them, I think we would. The most beautiful aspect of photography is the ability to store, frame, and display each stage of life. We may not get to re-live those precious moments, but you can surround yourself with photos that remind you of cherished memories.

Every stage of life should be celebrated with photography, maybe you just turned 25 and want to celebrate the goals you have already acheived, or you’re a senior getting ready to graduate high school or college, maybe you just celebrated your 50th wedding anniversary or even your 5th, getting a new member of your family (four legged or two), or even celebrating recovery or health with a photoshoot that you look and feel great in. There are so many reasons to celebrate life, and so many moments to be captured and hung on the walls of your home.

CONGRATULATIONS MALLORY AND JOSH! May God continue to bless you with more wonderful moments together, and may we continue to celebrate our lives that He has given us.

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