West Virginian’s at Work: Julian Irving

Let me introduce you to Julian!

Today’s post starts off a little differently. Several weeks ago a very sweet woman called me up asking for my help to surprise her husband with a personalized headshot session for his birthday! I was completely thrilled and excited to create a gift card for her to present to him at his party. She knew how important it was for him to have some amazing images to represent himself and his business, plus he had never experienced a professional photo shoot. Jade, I am still impressed by your creative gift! Thank you!

When Julian arrived he told me the gift had been a success! We then sat down, and I had the opportunity to learn more about his business and how he got started in the care taker industry. Julian is no stranger to hard work. He came from a long line of entrepreneurs, and his mother owned her own care taking business. This inspired him to earn his Masters in Healthcare Administration. When he came back to help his family’s business he saw there was a need to add a nursing degree on top of his already accomplished achievements. During nursing school, he discovered a true passion for helping people in their lowest times of life. It inspired him to form his own business A Special Touch In-Home Care.

A Special Touch In-Home Care is dedicated ensuring their clients are treated with dignity and receive the most superior care possible when they are at their most vulnerable. They pride themselves on serving their clients as if they were members of their own family and go out of their way to see that their needs are met. They provide compassionate, individualized care to the elderly and disabled in our community of West Virginia. Their goal is to help you achieve the best quality of life possible, while maximizing your independence and dignity. To learn more about their services and how they personalize each clients experience based off their needs please click the link below!

After taking some time to learn about Julian it made so much sense that he created his own business of In-Home Care. Within just a few moments of meeting him you can tell how deeply he cares for helping people. He clearly is no stranger to the dedication, hard work, and compassion it takes to turn a passion into a career. No one enjoys being sick in the hospital, many times a person is going through their hardest moments of life, and it is people like Julian who lift them up. I am so thankful to know that there are people in Charleston, West Virginia who are dedicated to healing us and willing to be there when we need them the most.

For Julian’s images I really wanted his friendliness, compassion, and trustworthiness to come through. I had the perfect excuse to try out my newest backdrop, and I think it looked amazing on him! We kept the color scheme simple with a pop of navy, and let his personality shine through. Headshot’s don’t have to be boring. That’s why I decided to introduce some props like my favorite leather chair. It really elevated the look!

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0064.jpg


  1. Favorite thing about living in WV?

    The friendless of our people and community. Plus he loves the natural beauty of our rolling hills and the outdoor activities it provides!

  2. Favorite part of his job?

    -He is with people during the lowest time of their lives and he enjoys showing them he cares, and seeing their gratitude.

    -When it comes to running his business Julian said he enjoys challenges that arrive and is continuously adapting to situations.

  3. What’s his key to success?

    “Keep God first, and the rest will work itself out!”

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0065.jpg
Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0066.jpg

What an honor it was to photograph Julian! I wish we could do it all over again, but he is out there caring for our loved ones and providing solutions for us all. Thanks for what you do Julian!

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