West Virginian’s at Work: Woody Trent

As a photographer, I have the pleasure of meeting new people every day. It’s always interesting to find out who they are, what the love to do, and why they do it. This past week I photographed Woody Trent, a local WV lawyer. He has over 22 years of experience in his field making him a seasoned pro when it comes to court days. He recently joined Norman Daniels Law Firm located in downtown Charleston, and this called for an updated headshot. I was so excited to photograph Woody, and create some images that displayed his professional expertise and dependable spirit.

When I asked him what he enjoyed the most about his field of work, he responded with the ability to help people in tough situations find a way out. Not only is there a ton of hours and paper work associated with his job, but there a truly difficult problems that people in our community seek out his advice for. Woody is dedicated to solving their dilemma, and for that I am thankful! It is such a relief to know there are professionals who dive head first into the problems ahead and find solutions.

If you ever find yourself stuck in legality complications Mr. Trent is definitely your guy to speak to! Now let’s get into his images.

I wanted to make this process quick and easy for such a busy guy like him. He came by in the afternoon, and 40 minutes later he was out the door. It is really important to work with my client’s schedule, and make sure we can get their images done efficiently for them. Knowing that he was a lawyer made me want to stick to something more traditional, but I definitely wanted to add my own flair. (Because you know I never go for a boring headshot!) I stuck with a soft diffused strobe and added some shadow on the sides because men tend to look phenomenal with more contrast. We kept the backdrop neutral, but incorporated texture to mix up the image a bit. I was very pleased with the outcome, and I believe he was too!

Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0060.jpg
Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0062.jpg
Emily Shafer Photography_Southern West Virginia Photographer_WV Wedding Photographer_0063.jpg

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY WOODY! It was wonderful getting to meet you!

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