Surviving a family photo session

Family Photo session, West Virginia

Family photo sessions can be stressful, but luckily a professional photographer knows how to handle those situations. This article will go over how you can be ready for the big day and what all you can do on your end to make sure it all goes over without any incidents. You have  done your research, considered the cost and made the exciting choice to document your family in a unique and authentic way, and hopefully you have found the best of the best when it comes to professional photographer in West Virginia, and you are ready to take the other steps to get prepared for the day of the session, let’s begin!

Be Prepared!

You are already taking steps to prepare cause you are reading this article. Now how can you further be ready for your family photo session? First you need to have the outfits ready for all of you and your family to wear the day of the session. The best way to do this is to put them on hangers where they will be safe, and be sure to clean the shoes everyone is going to be wearing. Labels will be your best friend on the day of your session, this way you will not be digging through everything unable to find what you are looking for. Label everyone’s outfits, if there is multiple wardrobe changes this will be really helpful for you. Another quick tip on being prepared is to talk with your professional photographer. This way you are on the same page and you are ready for what the day is going to look like!

Keep everyone fed and happy

Adults are better at working through their hunger, kids not so much. When they get hungry everyone knows it! So, to prevent this from being an issue make sure that the kids as well as you are well fed before the session. If you are worried this may take several hours pack some snacks but not too much because you do not want the little ones to start getting sleepy and hard to deal with. Think proteins, fruits and veggies to keep them full and grounded. Also pack water so everyone involved stays hydrated and have energy!

Let your kid be a kid

Kid’s are normally all over the place and remain unpredictable in new situations. Do not worry yourself that your child is not going to cooperate. If you have hired a professional photographer they have plenty of experience on how to handle children. You can bank on the fact that natural pictures are normally the best and allowing your little ones to be themselves will fully benefit you. If you still are slightly worried pack some of their favorite toys to make them feel comfortable and safe to be who they are. Professional photographers have some really neat ways to trick your kid into participating and giving you some amazing pictures in the end!


If you are normally one to overthink and worry, lay that down and trust that you are in good hands. You have hired a professional photographer and you are in good hands. They know what may or may not happen and they are prepared for it. This is your day to get the pictures you are wanting with your family. If you are stressed and overwhelmed this will reflect in your photos so relax and take a breath it is going to be okay. This is one to two hours where you can focus on one thing, and one thing only. Your beautiful family. Your photographer wants you to  hug, kiss, dance, snuggle, tickle and love on each other during the session so you have nothing but happy memories of the process and what went into making these memories happen. It is not a time for stress but for you to enjoy each other and enjoy the beauty in the moment.

Family photo, West Virginia

Emily Shafer Photography; Here to help you get through family photos

Emily Shafer Photography in Charleston West Virginia is no stranger to family portraits. She has some tips and tricks of her own to help make the process easier for you and your family. If you are looking for a professional photographer in the West Virginia area go visit her site and take a look at her that speaks for itself! Emily takes satisfaction in knowing her clients are receiving the greatest quality portraits that capture the true essence of your family!

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