Tips to Rock your Engagement Photos

Every woman wants to knock her engagement pictures out of the park, in this article we want to share some tips with you on how to do that. It may seem as simple as just showing up, but much more goes into the process. Engagement photos can be a process that makes you feel like you are going to lose your mind, more so if you are not fully comfortable in front of a camera. Also if you are the one who is planning to propose and you have not yet, it is always a good idea to reach out to a professional photographer to grab pictures of your proposal! If you have already proposed though, and are ready to start getting prepared for the engagement pictures keep reading for some helpful tips to get you though the process, let’s get started,

Dress Comfortable

Engagement Pictures
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Comfortability is top priority when you are planning to do your engagement photography session. If you choose clothes that are too tight or clingy, you’ll be spending your whole session picking at them or covering yourself up. If you choose something you’ve never worn before, you’ll be worried about how you look in it or may come to find it’s actually extremely uncomfortable, which can come across in your photos. Pick out outfits that will  make you feel like the beauty queen you are. If you do purchase something new, wear it some place nice you plan to go just to wear it in. You also want to think about how they’ll photograph during your session.

Iron & Steam Before Your Session

Speaking of what you wear, be sure to de-wrinkle your clothes before your session. A photographer’s least favorite question is “can you just Photoshop that out later?” Oftentimes having things like wrinkles retouched in your photos comes at an additional cost per image. Save yourself the stress and get wrinkle-free ahead of time. Just set yourself a reminder on your phone for the day of or night before to make sure all that you will be wearing is wrinkle free and ready to go the day of the shoot.

Professional Hair and MakeUp

You may not be a glitz and and glamour type of girl, and that is all the more reason to have a professional do your hair and makeup before your session, you want to wow people with your photos and leave them in awe of how different you look, and leave them anticipating what you will look like on the day of your actual wedding, it is a fun little teasers to give all of those waiting to see your big reveal the day of. If you feel confident in your hair and makeup skills, you can skip on down to the next tip. However, if you’ve never done makeup for photos or you aren’t really sure what to do with your hair, you may want to hit up the salon before your engagement shoot. You can have a practice run from your stylist you have chosen for the day of your wedding so you too can get a feel for what your look will be like the day of the wedding.

Set The Scene

You want to have some spectacular scenery in your engagement portraits. This will give you free range to be as playful as you wish to be in your session, You can ask your professional photographer to go over some spots with you and you and your partner can go out and scope out the spot before you decide where you want to have them done. Make sure that wherever you pick, is a place your photographer is willing to travel.

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