Wedding Send Off Ideas For The Perfect Pictures

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful tedious venture, so being prepared and ready to watch your vision play out, is a very important factor. When talking to your professional wedding photographer, give them some of the ideas you would like to use during your send off. Typically photographers will have these ideas ready for you, but in this article we will cover a few of a few that make for some pictures that will forever keep you remembering your special day! Let’s get started!


Wedding sparklers

Wedding Sparklers are very common, reason being is they make for so many picture possibilities. The timeless tradition of wedding sparklers will not leave you disappointed as you light up the night celebrating the beginning of the rest of your life! Hiring a professional photographer who has the correct equipment is also a biggie. if you try to save money by doing the photos yourself, you are not guaranteed to love the final product. The type of camera used during these type of photos allow many different results to pick from. This is your day, and you want to be left loving the end results of all the hard work you have put into planning!


Wedding Bubbles

Who does not love awakening the kid in them and playing with bubbles? Not only is it a fun exciting send off, but it is also a cheaper option. You can purchase little bubble holders in bundles, and you can customize them yourself. Imagine walking out hand in hand with the man of your dreams walking through thousands of bubbles, and all the amazing photo opportunities you could be holding for life! One last huge benefit is the bubbles require no clean out for you!


Wedding Balloons

Balloons are perfect for a send off that will be held during the day time! Of course as a send off those holding the balloons will need to be timed precise for you to get the exciting shots of them being released as you exit your wedding.You can also add your own special touch, Linen Tablecloth suggests having guests attach well wishes for your future or packets of seeds that will fall to the ground and grow flowers long after your wedding day!

Sky Lanterns

Wedding Sky Lanterns

We have seen the use of sky lanterns for decades as a form of celebration or a send off to someone special watching over us. This tradition is still around due to its beautiful impact. Sky lanterns are a beautiful way to literally light up the sky. One idea is to have your guest put a special prayer for you and your spouse on the lantern, that way their well wishes float around you and you are surrounded by blessing and positive vibes as you leave to build the life you have always dreamed of.

This is your day you have waited for. The send off is the beautiful ending to the perfect day. Make sure you have discussed what you are using in your send off with the photographer you have hired to document your wedding day, so they can be ready with all of the proper lenses and equipment they will need. Every detail matters, and if you take the right steps your wedding day will go off without a glitch!

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